GMF begins the process by meeting with our clients to obtain a thorough understanding of the  property.  Once we are familiar with the property and understand your financing needs, we contact our numerous lending sources to obtain the best loan quote possible that meets your specific objectives.  During this process, our clients are kept constantly informed and involved throughout every step of the way.  Many lenders and investors originate loans strictly through mortgage brokers like GMF as they can rely on our experience and knowledge of the market as well as our familiarity with the property we are representing.

Our professional relationship with our vast sources of lenders benefit commercial real estate owners by obtaining the most competitive and aggressive loan terms these lenders have to offer.  And GMF has and will continue to work in the pursuit of expanding our network of lenders and investors.  The more expansive and extensive our network is, the more value we can deliver to you.

After obtaining the best possible quote, we will stay closely involved to assist you from the issuance of the loan application through closing to make the process as smooth and easy as possible.  Our staff is familiar with each lender’s requirements and has many years of experience in loan approval and closing.  This experience not only eases the process, but saves our clients time and money.  It is our goal to stay involved in the process until closing and to lend our expertise through every phase through and including loan funding.